QuickBASIC is a GW-Basic-like platform developed by Microsoft.

Hello WorldEdit

Here is a Hello World program written in QuickBASIC:

PRINT "Hello World"

As QuickBASIC programs run in a DOS environment, the CLS command is generally used as the first line to remove clutter from the output screen caused by previous runs. The PRINT command then simply displays its arguments on the screen.

Syntax referenceEdit

The following commands used in QuickBASIC are organized by type.

Program flowEdit


Device I/OEdit

File I/OEdit

String functionsEdit

Arrays Edit


Error handlingEdit

Data TypesEdit

Data Type Maximum Size Symbol
INTEGER -32,767 to 32,768 %
LONG -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647 &
SINGLE +/-1.401298 * 10^-45 to +/-3.402823 * 10^38 !
DOUBLE +/-4.940656 * 10^-324 to +/-1.7976931 * 10^308 #
STRING 32,767 characters $

Dialects derived from QuickBasicEdit

There is a dialect that is mostly compatible with Quickbasic called FreeBASIC, which supposedly is Linux and Windows compatible.


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