This page is for Web-wide linking convenience. It is intended to contain generally useful links to reliable sources, particularly pages where they offer important information which users frequently refer to. It is part of a family of pages across Wikia, based here at the Programmer's Wiki, and different from the WikiNode in that it is not intended for interwiki links so much as reference links. Each heading links to the page on another wiki which only lists the links under the same heading. This both replaces copy-and-paste with the simpler and easier click every time you want a subset of these links, and potentially helps other wikis to build content.

Please only add an item under a heading if the site primarily linked to is generally respected within the wide community around the language or tool. Secondary links should be to either reliable sources or relevant wikis. Please do not place an internal URL in a secondary link until the original URL is linked from the appropriate page.






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