Lua is a small, fast, general purpose scripting language designed for use in other applications.

Sample codeEdit

Hello WorldEdit

Lua's Hello World can be achieved in one line of code:

print("Hello World!")


-- A comment in Lua starts with a double-hyphen and runs to the end of the line.
--[[ Multi-line strings & comments
     are adorned with double square brackets. ]]
--[=[ Comments like this can have other --[[comments]] nested. ]=]


While loop:

local number = 0
while number < 10 do
	number = number + 1 -- Increase the value of the number by one.

Repeat ... until loop:

local number = 0
	number = number + 1
until number >= 10

For loop with step:

for number = 0, 9, 1 do
for n = 1, 2, 0.1 do
	if n >= 1.5 then
		break -- Terminate the loop instantly and do not repeat.


Normal function definition:

function factorial(n)
  local x = 1
  for i = 2, n do
    x = x * i
  return x

Functions can also be assigned to variables:

func = function(first_parameter, second_parameter, third_parameter)
  -- insert function body here


Tables serve as a function of arrays normally found in other languages. Eements of a table can hold any value.

local array = {5, "text", {"more text", 463, "even more text"}, "more text"}
print(#array) --> 4 ; the # operator for strings can also be used for arrays, in which case it will return the number of values in the array
-- This example demonstrates how tables can be nested in other tables. Since tables themselves are values, tables can include other tables. Arrays of tables are called multi-dimensional arrays.

Further readingEdit

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