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The full list of supported languages and platforms in Visual Studio.

Runs on .NET

  • Third Party
    • IronPython
    • IronRuby
    • IronLisp
    • IronScheme
    • IronPHP
    • JScript.NET
  • Inbuilt
    • Visual C#
    • Visual C++
    • Visual F#
    • Visual Basic
    • ASP.NET

Runs in a VM

  • PyTools - Python development, debugging, profile in VS 2012 and VS 2013

Runs in a Browser/NodeJS

  • TypeScript - Strongly typed javascript development in VS 2012, compiles to JS
  • Node.js Tools - Node.js development, compiling, debugging in VS 2012 (JS/TypeScript)

Runs in Flash

  • Tofino - Adobe Flex/AIR development, debugging in VS 2010
  • Amethyst - Adobe Flex/AIR development, debugging, profiling in VS 2010

Runs on a chip (Embedded)

  • Visual Micro - Arduino development & compiling in VS
  • V3S - VHDL and Verilog editing & refactoring in VS 2010/2012 (website)
  • Impulse - FPGA development from VS 2010 (ANSI C to VHDL)

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