These categories hold the primary content of this wiki, as per the about page. The corresponding articles are intended to be maximally usable presentations of that content, condensed into links if necessary. The only one for which it is not necessary is the glossary, which is also the least important.


This is our primary content, and the article, as a portal to the references for every language, will be rather large and complicated by necessity. To help the reader make sense of it, we will make it one very large, possibly color-coded table listing the links to each language portal under the appropriate domain heading.


In this section we will explain algorithms with English and/or pseudo-code, and offer implementations in various languages. The layout of the portal will be the same to that of References, so a template will likely be written.


This section will offer an assortment of tutorials for various languages and tools. A modular fashion may be beneficial, only addressing the issues which are unique to the topic and linking to other tutorials for the rest.


This is already started, and is a list of programming and computer science terms in glossary format, listing all of them headings on one page with links from article-space to specific headings.


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