Push is a term used to refer to the addition of a node to a stack, and similar operations.


var length;
var arr1 = ["dog", "cat", "mouse"];
arr1.push(arr1, "gopher");
length = arr1.push("shrew");
alert(length); /* Returns: 5 */
alert(arr1.length); /* Returns: 5 */
alert(arr1); /* Returns: dog,cat,mouse,gopher,shrew */


PHP-JavaScript is an implementation of the PHP libraries in JavaScript. While the native libraries are recommended both for efficiency and for the sake of using libraries other JavaScript programmers know, the PHP-JavaScript alternative is documented below.


function array_push(arr) {
	for (var i = 1; i < arguments.length; i++) {
	return arr.length;


var arr1 = ["dog", "cat", "mouse"];
var total = array_push(arr1, "gopher", "shrew");
alert(total); /* Returns: 5 */
alert(arr1); /* Returns: dog,cat,mouse,gopher,shrew */

PHP Edit

array_push($arr, $var1, $var2);


$arr[] = $var1;
$arr[] = $var2;


def array_push(arr, value)
	return arr.append(value)

Visual basicEdit

function array_push(arr,value)
	redim preserve arr(ubound(arr)+1)
	arr(ubound(arr)) = value
end function

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